Amin's favourite things


Swyx's blog: one of the biggest advocates of learning in public, also the author of the Coding Career handbook, one of my most favourite people to follow.

Alex West's blog: see how he managed to make a successful startup in public, I love how candid he is in his posts about his progress

Julia Evan's blog: interesting and often complicated computer concepts explained visually and in great clarity


Choreography vs. Orchestration: An interesting AWS Step Functions use-case, also helps with better understanding of event-driven vs. message-driven architectures.

Tech Books

Crafting interpreters: Implement your own interpreter and in the process learn how compilers/interpreters work.

Grokking simplicity: I'm still reading this one, but even reading the first few chapters gave me a lot more insight about functional programming and how to use them to think about every-day programming problems