I'm experimenting with some startup ideas. The idea is to create useful service in about two weeks and then try to acquire customers for about two weeks.

This way there will be a one month production cycle, and after one-week rest, move on to the next idea.

The first idea that I decided to implement was inspired by trying to find competition to one of Alex's websites,

I realised that if I search the summary of the business from the website I can probably find some competition easily. To my surprise the message was very similar to the competition.

Then it hit me, what if you could set up an alert for your business ideas to keep an active look out for potential competition and similar services. So I created

The idea is that you fill in some sentences you want to search for periodically and receive an alert if we found similar text in other websites.

Other use-cases that I thought about but haven't implemented is searching for copies of your source-code, blog-posts etc.

Anyway, I created, go check it out.

Getting the word out

I was aiming to spend the next two weeks getting the word out and get some traction or validation from users. But unfortunately the Russian-Ukrainian war happened and now that's louder than anything else. So I decided not to go ahead with the launch for now, and immediately start working on my next idea.

If you are reading this, let me know what you think, it can help me gauging my direction.